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The Most Matching Shoe With Your Wedding Suit Is The Key To A Comfortable Wedding!

Groom's shoes are among the accessories that should be chosen before the wedding day and are of primary importance for gentlemen. As with the choice of every men's classic shoe model, the choice of groom's shoes either helps the groom to reflect his style or causes him to feel ashamed of his all-night outfit.

When we talk about the wedding day, first thoughts, plans and purchases are always for the bride: her dress, preparations to be radiant on the best day of her life, flower selection, decorations for the wedding venue, wedding preferences ... But the question of what to do about the groom is always the last one. Grooms' needs often remain in the background. Grooms often appear confused in every detail that has a high symbolic meaning. And unfortunately they have to deal with every detail about themselves alone. But now grooms are not alone in wedding details, especially when it comes to shoes.

Useful Tips on Groom's Shoes

The most important issue for the bride and groom on the happiest day, of course, is the wedding gown and groom's suit to be worn that day. But apart from these ceremonial dresses, choosing shoes for a beautiful wedding is also very important. Comfortable and stylish shoes are very important for a wedding that can be enjoyed comfortably and happiness. Consider these tips for shoes that match your suit and foot on your happiest day.

First of all, decide on the outfit that will define your wedding day. In fact, matching groom's shoes with the groom's suit solves the biggest problem. Oxford shoes are usually the most suitable shoes for narrow, medium tight or tailor-made suits. Oxford shoes are the best shoes with classic, timeless, flat top or micro embellishments. If the wedding day will be held in the summer season, you can also opt for a moccasin shoe with an elegant cut.

Special attention has to be paid to choosing between groom's shoes models. Groom's shoe materials should be suitable for the feet and clothing in terms of both comfort and aesthetics. 100% leather products are definitely the right choice for groom's shoes: an elegant and shiny shoe helps create a perfect and stylish atmosphere for the ceremony.

How Should a Shoe for Suit Be?

The color of the groom shoes is very important: the choice should be between navy blue and black. Black color is undoubtedly synonymous with elegance and style. Sneakers for a stylish groom are strictly forbidden, wearing sneakers would be a real style drop, although some extravagant stylists try to recommend them even for the wedding day!
There is an absolutely undeniable benefit of being a groom. When the wedding is over, you won't hesitate to wear your groom'w shoes on other occasions, in the office or with casual wear.

Your choice of shoes should be determined by how formal or casual your wedding event is. . If your wedding is formal, a classic black shoe or an oxford is the best choice. Oxfords always go well with tuxedos or suits.
If your wedding is a less formal ceremony, you may be more comfortable with color and style. For colors, depending on the dress, you can go for a brown, dark tan or even red color outfit.

If it is necessary to decide on the colors of shoes for the groom, this color is largely determined by the color of the garment as well as the formality of the ceremony.Black is considered the most formal form of colors, and traditionally anything other than black is considered casual. Black suits are still the most common option for formal weddings. If your outfit is black (or mostly black), black shoes are your only choice. Adding brown shoes and even dark shoes, may make your appearance appear unbalanced.

How to choose groom shoes for an unofficial wedding?

Of course, many weddings offer a more informal look these days. For this reason, for country weddings with tweed suits and a more relaxed style rule, your wedding shoes should also be equivalent to this look. Depending on the tone of your outfit, for casual wedding concepts, you can wear brown, navy blue, or even dark green or oxblood red brogues. White sneakers can also look fantastic if you want a more informal look.

How should groom's shoes be for colored suits?

We see lots of grooms adopting colorful dresses these days and this is a look we really love. If you are going to buy colorful suits or tuxedos, here are some of the best suit / shoe combinations: Navy blue suits are a slightly softer option than a black suit. Moreover, it can give you heaps of choice when it comes to wedding shoes. Black, brown and even burgundy shoes look really great with navy blue suits. All you have to do is choose your favorite shoe style. If your suit is dark gray, black or burgundy looks perfect. For a light gray suit, black, burgundy, or even light brown groom shoes can look great. For a beige light summer wedding outfit, a lighter shoe is required. Brown suede loafers or even bright white sneakers.  


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