Leather Shoe Models and Prices

Leather shoes are indispensable for men who attach importance to classic clothing. Nevzat Onay shoes, produced with half a century of experience and craftsmanship, allow you to finish your elegance with a touch of quality. Manufactured using genuine leather and Italian leather, all of the shoes are designed for men who take care of their appearance at any time of the day. The use of leather shoes completes the details that make the man elegant and strong.

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Hidden Hands in Leather Sole Crafting

The leather shoe models show their quality with their solid soles and edge seams. While there is a risk of deformation over time in the leather shoes used, Nevzat Onay shoe masters eliminate this danger. By strengthening the leather used in the shoes, the shoes are made durable. This process, which requires a separate mastery in production, is evident with the production experience of Nevzat Onay shoes. Combining classic designs with quality, Nevzat Onay shoe masters first perform the opening process while using genuine leather. Handcraft is of great importance in the opening process.

While the leather shoes take shape according to the foot, they should not lose their design and stylish line. Shoes are produced in a way that does not disturb the feet during use. The role of softened genuine leather is great in this. With the cutting and sewing techniques of the shoe, the deformation of the soft leather over time is prevented. Nevzat Onay shoes are designed and produced to be the biggest friend of stylish men's feet.

Your Elegance and Feet are Protected

It is observed that leather shoes leave color on the socks due to problems such as perspiration over time. To minimize this situation, the protection of the lining inside the shoe is further increased. The lining is placed both on the soles of the feet and just under the leather used. Thus, the contact of the foot with the outer skin of the shoe is prevented. Nevzat Onay shoes do not compromise on quality by using first class leather inner lining and sole. If the wearer does not have a specific condition such as excessive sweating or such, the color of the shoes does not smear. This advantage applies equally to all models of Nevzat Onay shoes. Whether you wear winter leather shoes or loafers, you can take off your shoes as comfortable as you wear them.

In order for your feet to be comfortable in leather shoes, their seams should not create wrinkles. Since Nevzat Onay shoes are handcrafted, the inner potholders are destroyed during production and the inner surfaces are made smooth.

You Can Keep Your Style Every Day of the Year with Nevzat Onay

If you want to complement your style with stylish shoes, try Nevzat Onay classic leather shoes. You will easily find the model specially designed for you. One of the leather shoe types suitable for all seasons of the year is just for you. Each of Nevzat Onay shoes stands out with their unique design features. According to the seasons, shoes are diversified as follows:

Classic loafer shoes: High quality handcrafted leather stands out in classic loafer shoes made of genuine leather. The leather sole is protected by a rubber heel cap. The details on the loafer shoes are produced in forms such as buckles and tassels that will not change the weight of the shoes. Classic loafers with pointed and round toe molds are produced in classic colors such as black and brown. The heel height of the shoes is generally 21 mm and the weight of the shoes is 700 g on average.

Classic laced leather men's shoes: The classic laced leather men's shoes, which are highly preferred among Nevzat Onay shoes, draw attention with their high quality leather. The embroideries on it are completed by hand work. Italian leather shows itself more in the laced leather men's shoes. The overall stance of the shoe is classic and characterful.

Classic rok shoes: The most important feature of rok shoes is that the saddlery stitches are made by hand. The craftsmanship of handcrafted sewing stands out on the elegantly detailed upper sides of Nevzat Onay shoes.

When buying Nevzat Onay shoes online, you can take advantage of payment facilities, extra discounts and price advantages.

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