Winter Shoes for Men

With the right shoes, you can enjoy the wind and warmth of the colder seasons. It is very important to take proper care of your men's winter shoes to keep your feet warm.

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With the right winter men's shoes, you will be well-equipped against ice and snow in the cold season. Any men's winter shoes can have a great ability to improve appearance and say a lot about the wearer.

Among the most popular shoes of the autumn / winter season, there are thermo sole and rubber sole men's shoes models. Nevzat Onay shoes, carefully prepared by master hands, offer quality and elegance together with half a century of experience. All of the shoes made of thermo and rubber soles that protect the feet in cold weather are among the indispensable shoe models of cold weather by providing high abrasion resistance against friction, maximum slip resistance, low density and flexibility.

Pay attention to soles in winter shoes

The sole materials and edge seams of winter shoe models give clues about the quality of the shoe. Thermo sole shoes prevent slipping in snow and rain in winter and maximize comfort. Thermo sole shoes, which are preferred as an alternative to rubber sole shoes, are also among the most preferred shoe models. Thermo-soled shoes that combine with the production experience of Nevzat Onay shoes and provide recycling, get full marks from their users with their accessible price scale. Designed by Nevzat Onay shoe designers, classic and sports thermo sole shoes appeal to all tastes with a wide range of products.

Rubber sole shoes are among the expensive shoe types because they are made of high quality tree sap. Rubber sole is preferred especially for boots as it provides high safety. With the vulcanization process, the rubber type called crepe is obtained, and the durability and use of the shoe is maximized. Nevzat Onay shoes are among the indispensables of men who seek elegance with their design features while keeping feet warm in winter while providing comfort.

Leather Has Never Been So Elegant

Leather, which is a material that catches the eye with its elegance in all areas of life, adds elegance to shoes and boots. Black and brown leathers are frequently preferred in men's shoe designs and are among the trend designs of the season. Nevzat Onay shoes offer a combination of design and quality by using first class leather inner lining and sole. In addition, all shoe and boot models do not have a problem such as color contamination and edge seams, thus providing the advantage of use for many years.

Antique printed leather models are among the preferences of men who want to keep their stylish lines. Floater leather models are listed at the top of the list for those who love sports and simple looks. Thanks to its round-toed designs, it provides functional use and appeals to the eye. In addition to round nose designs, you can easily find different models such as pointed toes and slightly pointed toes.

Since the leather is breathable due to its structure, it provides permeability against rain and snow water. Nevzat Onay's leather shoes and boots are designed with all the details in mind in order to minimize this situation. If leather shoes and boots get wet, it is not recommended to dry them in places containing heat, such as above the heater.

You Can Have A Comfortable Winter with Nevzat Onay's Shoes

During the winter, shoes and boots should not get water. It is also important to prefer woolen boots and shoes. For the winter season, you can choose rubber and thermo-soled models among Nevzat Onay shoes. Rubber and thermo sole, quality leather Winter Men's Shoes are produced with meticulous hand work, so there is no throwing, scattering, splitting of the sole and peeling on the leather.

Nevzat Onay produces laced, laceless, patent leather, high heeled, rubber heeled men's shoes models with different leather varieties and color options in autumn and winter seasons. In addition, the shoes enriched with details such as buckles and tassels, dazzle with the skill of handcrafting.

You can easily buy a Nevzat Onay shoe with a single click, and take advantage of attractive prices and extra discounts.

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