About Us

 We are a company producing men’s shoes since 1966. More than 50 years we focus on quality, innovation and comfortable men’footwear. We use the highest technology with the richest craftsmanship to reach our values.

We have a Royal brand name in our market and since year 2000 our aim is to bring our shoes worldwide. We do export our shoes to many countries all over the World.

Strongest benefit of our production is that we are one of the only company in Turkey who is producing every step of shoe making within our factory walls. We feel responsible for the quality of each stage of shoemaking process. We do nest all production process  in  our specialized departments. Starting from cutting, sewing till heel making and sole making is taken care by our crafters. Our raw material suppliers areworld known famous factories from Italy, Germany and Turkey.

We have collaborations with many brands in Europe and make PRIVATE LABELING for them. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of relationship. We will be more than happy to assist you with our premium shoes and service.We are committed to active lyseeking new challenge. Our main aim is to increase our overseas presence in newmarkets. We are looking forward to further expansion and development opportunities for the brand.


For any inquiry or comment please contact us directly by sending us email through [email protected]

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